Recent Projects

Update of a solar PV install in Pinner

Our satisfied customer got in contact with us on the year anniversary of installing their solar PV system.

Solar Shelter for Sheffield School

A Sheffield School didn't have a suitable roof for a solar PV system, but that wasn't a problem! Energy Jump installed a custom-designed solar carport, which doubles up as an outdoor classroom, as well as giving parents somewhere to wait when it is raining at pick-up time!

Thin film panels for Chesterfield company

A 37kW thin film solar PV system for Fusion Provida’s new build office buildings in Chesterfield. Thin film panels perform better in low-light conditions, giving a high annual output.

Heating and hot water for Oughtibridge sports club

Energy Jump was invited to design and install a Ground Source Heat Pump for a new-build sports pavilion in Oughtibridge. They also assisted the board with the application for grant funding.

Welcome to energy jump™

Welcome to energy jump™. We can help you start generating your own energy and heat by using the natural heat and energy of the sun. We're talking solar pv panels for electricity, solar thermal panels for hot water, air and ground source heat pumps for heat, plus a whole range of nifty energy efficiency devices like voltage optimisation and LEDs.  So get in touch. We love to talk energy! If we can't help you we'll help you find someone who can.

It's a really exciting time for renewable energy. There are incentives, tax relief and greater rewards for those who make investments now. We can advise you what you might be eligible for.

By the way... we're a bit different. We think renewable energy should be accessible to all, which means working with groups, communities and individuals who might struggle to meet the upfront investment costs of renewable energy system find creative solutions to make their projects come alive. We're so commited to it we donote our time, knowledge and products to make it happen.

Oh... and we won't sell you something that's not right for you, we'll always try and find a solution that works for you.

We hold MCS accreditation for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal systems, Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps.

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Recent News


Solar PV at PJ Taste

We installed a 9.62kWp Solar PV system for a PJ Taste, a Sheffield catering company


Trina Smart Modules

We designed a solar PV system using the Trina Smart modules with panel optimisation today. Indivudal panel optimisation is ideal for installations where shading will occur or you are having to place panels on multiple roof surfaces, for example on an an east-west PV system.


Solar PV is a great investment

A study by Green Business Watch has found there has never been a better time to invest in solar PV panels for your house!


My Farm off-grid solar

Energy Jump helped charity Gambia Startup with their My Farm project. We donated solar panels and helped design an off-grid solar PV system to bring power to a community Farm in The Gambia.