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Solar PV Technology

Solar PV panels on your roof generate electricity, even if it’s not south facing. Earn tax-free income, cut bills and carbon.

Ground Source Heat

Harvest the ground’s heat and use to heat your home. Save on expensive gas bills and cut carbon. Probable government incentives.

Loft Insulation

Get properly insulated to current standards. Subsidised by the government. This will make the biggest impact on your heat usage.

Energy Efficiency

Make your energy go further through devices voltage optimisation, thermostatic valves etc. Save on bills and cut carbon.

Wind Power

Generate electricity. Earn tax-free income, cut bills and carbon. Or switch your energy supplier to one that uses wind farms exclusively.
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EnergyJump - Unlock your home's energy potential

Welcome to energy jump™. We can help you start generating your own energy and heat by using the natural heat and energy of the sun. We're talking solar pv panels for electricity, solar thermal panels for hot water, air and ground source heat pumps for heat, plus a whole range of nifty energy efficiency devices like voltage optimisation and LEDs.  So get in touch. We love to talk energy! If we can't help you we'll help you find someone who can.

It's a really exciting time for renewable energy. There are incentives, tax relief and greater rewards for those who make investments now. We can advise you what you might be eligible for.

By the way... we're a bit different. We think renewable energy should be accessible to all, which means working with groups, communities and individuals who might struggle to meet the upfront investment costs of renewable energy system find creative solutions to make their projects come alive. We're so commited to it we invest at least 10% of our profits in making it happen.

Oh... and we won't sell you something that's not right for you, we'll always try and find a solution that works for you.

We hold MCS accreditation for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal systems, Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps.