ASHP and solar PV for Dodworth home

The customer was looking for an eco-friendly heating system to keep their stylish home cosy.  Energy Jump specified a NIBE ASHP, plus underfloor heating and radiators.  All topped off with an LG in-roof 6kW solar PV system to provide renewable electricity to help run the heat pump. 

In-roof solar PV panels are ideal for a new-build property, as they take the place of tiles or slates.  The panels blend into the roof seamlessly. Using high quality LG all-black panels makes this solar PV system the perfect match for a slate roof. 

Stylish Stelrad vertical radiators blend into the decor in the upstairs of this property.  We can help you find the ideal radiator style and shape for any property. 


Underfloor heating throughout the downstairs ensures warm feet and a warm house, while freeing up wall space. 

The NIBE ASHP with internet-enabled monitoring is well hidden in plain sight. Screening a heat pump, while allowing for a good air flow, is a great way to green your home without compromising on aesthetics. 

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