Green makeover for Derbyshire household

Energy Jump fitted a range of eco-updates to a Derbyshire house.  Firstly, a 4kW solar PV system was installed.  This was complemented by an ImmerSUN switch – which diverts any generated electricity which isn’t being used into an immersion heater, providing free hot water!

We also fitted a couple of lighting solutions.  Firstly a Velux suntunnel, which allowed natural daylight to penetrate into a dark kitchen.  Secondly we supplied LED bulbs to replace the existing halogen bulbs in the kitchen – providing the same high quality light with only 10% of the energy use.


There are a number of benefits from these measures.  Energy bills will be cut by around £160 a year by the suntunnel and LED bulbs, and the PV system will give another £250 savings a year on top of this.  The Immersun will cut hot water bills, and make sure the maximum benefit is gained from the PV system.

The solar PV system was eligible for the 16p Feed-in-Tariff rate, giving an annual income of around £630, which will increase with inflation. 

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