Heat pump and underfloor heating for Goosehill Hall Holiday Cottages

When renovating the cottages at Goosehill Hall, there were a few main considerations: 

Space - the properties are compact, with little space available for bulky radiators.  For this reason, underfloor heating was specified throughout the cottages. 

Comfort - it's important that after coming in from the glorious British countryside that you can relax in a comfy and cosy environment.  The heat pumps keep the cottages warm all through the day, so no need to switch the heating on and wait for them to slowly heat up. 

Running cost - installing a heat pump to provide heating and hot water instead of a gas boiler leads to substantial energy bill savings of over £1,500/year.  There's also the Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy, paid for 20 years for commercial buildings.  This means you even get paid to heat the properties...

Clean, green heat - heating a property with a heat pump has a lower environmental impact than fossil fuel boilers.  Installing the heat pumps is saving over 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.  Plus the solar PV installed on-site helps power the heat pump, leading to even more savings!

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