Heating and hot water for Oughtibridge sports club

A 12 kW British-made single-phase Kensa heat pump was specified to provide 100% of heating and hot water coverage for the property.  Three 125m boreholes were drilled to provide heat to the GSHP.

To avoid damage to the sports pitches we designed a vertical borehole loop.  Brine is pumped underground, where it absorbs heat.  This brine is then pumped through a heat exchanger in the heat pump, and the absorbed heat is concentrated and used to run the underfloor heating and hot water. 

A large 1000 litre water storage system was designed to ensure there was plenty of sustainable hot water for the sports teams on match day. 

The sports club was considering an direct-electric heating and hot water system.  Running a heat pump uses around 1/3rd to 1/4 power as a direct-electric system.  Low running costs will mean the club has more money to spend on its activities. 

The heat pump will also qualify for payment from the Renewable Heat Incentive for commercial buildings.  The heat generated is metered, and for every kWh generated the sports club will be paid 4.7p, providing a funding stream for 20 years.

Contract value (phase 1)


Total predicted annual output

23,000 kWh (thermal)

Annual predicted energy bill savings


Annual predicted RHI payments

£1,200 (for 20 years)

Expected financial payback

Around 5 years (after grant funding)

Annual CO2 savings

5.3 tonnes

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