Mulberry House Sheffield

In 2015/2016 Energy Jump installed a 26kW solar PV system for a large domestic property in Sheffield. LG 285W panels were placed on the pitched South-facing roof, and also in ballasted buckets on the flat roofs.   

Two Akasol Neeo Rack Type 3 battery storage systems are in place to enable storage of up to 33kWh of electricity.  These batteries have a 90% depth of discharge, meaning 29.7kWh of this storage is available for use.  

The battery storage system is used to maximise use of the generated electricity, by storing excess for use at night-time.  Power cut protection is provided by the battery system, with a switchover time of under 5 seconds.  This allows full operation of the building on solar PV and battery power in case of a power cut.

The SMA solar inverters and Sunny Island system balance the generated electricity between the building’s load, battery storage and grid.

The system is monitored remotely to ensure peak performance via the online SMA Sunny Portal.  This enables Energy Jump and the customer to see the real time status of the system, as well as daily, weekly and annual breakdowns of energy flows in the building. 

This house is now energy-positive for much of the year, generating more energy than it uses.  The solar PV and battery system also powers a NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump, meaning all the heating, hot water and electricity in the house is powered by renewable energy. 



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