One Man's Journey To Solar Freedom

David Tesh knows a few things about energy. He spent many years in the South Yorkshire coalfields, along with his fellow miners extracting black gold from the seams below. He understands how to get energy the hard way. Now he’s a renewable energy convert and in home he has the latest in battery storage technology by Sheffield based installer Energy Jump.

It’s been a bit of a journey to get to where he is today. As a homeowner with a favourably south facing room David had ‘free solar’ installed. He got the benefit of as much free electricity as his panels would produce and the company who installed them got the government’s feed-in-tariff payments for their trouble.

David began to understand the way his solar system worked. He learnt how much electricity the system was generating and like many system owners he was slightly frustrated that he wasn’t always generating energy when he needed it. This meant he was still importing electricity from the grid even though he was generating more on some days than he was using.

This led him to consider the options of installing some form of energy storage. This would mean he could use more of the electricity he generated at his own property, by saving energy for later in the day, or even power his house at night.

Our first step was to increase his generation of electricity to the maximum his roof would fit by installing four additional high-wattage solar panels. We then installed an immersion heater diversion device. This device measures whether his house is exporting electricity tp the grid and diverts as much "spare" energy as possible into his hot water tank by turning on the immersion heater. In this way he is using the sun’s energy to heat water for baths, showers and more.

David’s hunger for the best solution led him to consider battery storage. Energy Jump looked at a range of solutions for him, and he decided to have a Sonnen unit fitted. It retrofitted to his existing installation and has a clear monitoring and management portal. David’s energy input can now be managed and controlled by him, allowing maximum use of his electricity generation. 

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