Renewable Energy for Gripple Riverside

In March 2016 Energy Jump was invited to conduct a full assessment of renewable energy possibilities at Gripple Riverside.  An extension was planned which would significantly increase the size of the factory and office space, and Gripple was keen to reduce their fossil fuel requirements.  Previously the space had been heated by a gas boiler and direct gas burners, leading to significant carbon emissions.  The factory also had a large electrical load due to manufacturing processes.  The proposed extension’s Building Emission Rates were not favourable compared to the Target Emission Rates, so the client was looking for a way to improve the building’s energy performance.







Energy Jump identified the adjacent River Don as a potential heat source and worked with Stiebel Eltron to design an innovative water-source heat pump.  3 x Stiebel Eltron WPF 66kW heat pumps provide all the heating required for the on-site factory and office buildings, with the heat distributed using Jaga Unit Heaters, underfloor heating and oversized radiators.  These water-source heat pumps use natural heat from the river, which is supplemented by waste heat from an upstream steel factory. Around 387,000 kWh of renewable heat will be generated annually by the heat pumps, which have an efficiency of over 400%.  

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