Samsung hybrid ASHP for Sheffield home

Energy Jump was asked to find a renewable heating and hot water solution for a Sheffield property. The three-storey Victorian house was heated by an inefficient gas stove with a back boiler and electric underfloor heating.  They had previously had a 4kW solar PV system installed. 

We suggested a Samsung Air Source Heat Pump to work in a hybrid mode, in conjunction with a new highly efficient Vaillant Ecotec boiler.  When the external temperature is above 5 degrees, the heat pump provides the heat, with the boiler taking over at lower temperatures.  Energy Jump also installed underfloor heating for a basement conversion, and installed new radiators in the remainder of the house. We installed a solar iBoost switch which measures the exported electricity from the existing solar PV system, and diverts it into an immersion heater in the hot water cylinder, to help pre-heat the hot water. 

The new heat pump, solar iBoost and gas boiler will dramatically reduce the energy bills for the house, but don't take our word for it - our happy customer sent us this summary of performance a few months after install, comparing their energy bills to the same period the year before: 

  • We are using less electricity now than we were without the heat pump installed!
  • This is even with the Heat Pump doing the bulk of the heating work, as the outside temp hasn't dropped below 5 degrees very often

  • We also have the heat in the end cellar room a bit higher than we would normally, to get the walls dried out quickly

  • We haven't yet installed all insulation and dry lining

  • I was initially a bit shocked and surprised by these results, but on reflection it is maybe not so unbelievable as we have been able turn off the electric underfloor heating in the sunroom and also the de-humidifier that was running in the cellar and these were clearly using a lot of electricity between them

  • This means we should comfortably out-perform the projections you gave us before installing the system, which were predicting a higher annual electricity cost than previously, due to running the heat pump

  • The solar PV must also be working well in conjunction with the new system as we are getting a lot of solar iBoost benefit on pre-heating the water, even at weekends when we are all at home when the heat pump is running and we are using electricity for various other appliances

  • Gas usage is down massively, approx. 50% versus 2014 same period

  • Overall energy usage looks to be about 30% down on 2014 same period

The icing on the cake is that all the heat generated by the heat pump is metered, and they can expect to be paid up to £1,200/year for seven years under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) subsidy. 

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