Solar PV system for Reading business

In one week Energy Jump installed 192 x 250W JA Solar PV panels onto the south-facing factory roof. These panels feed into a Fronius CL48 inverter.

The system is monitored remotely to ensure peak performance.  Much of the generated electricity is used on site, with excess being exported to the National Grid. Since installation, the system has generated 15% more electricity than predicted.

A remote monitoring system allows head office to keep track of the system performance. 

System size

48 kWp

Total predicted annual output

43 MWh

Predicted output to date

21 MWh

Actual output to date

24 MWh (15% better than predicted)

Annual predicted income & savings


Total predicted profit over 20 years


Expected financial payback

Less than 6 years

Annual CO2 savings

25 tonnes


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