Electric Vehicles

At Energy Jump we love electric vehicles.  They are a great low-cost way of getting around whilst minimising CO2 emissions.  If you have a solar PV system, you can even charge them up for free with your generated electricity. 

Susbsidies are available for a home electric vehicle charging point if you own an electric vehicle already. The grant funded by OLEV could cover up to 75% of the costs. 

Reasons to get an electric vehicle charging point.

1) It is an easy, and simple way to add value to your property! The number of electric vehicles is set to rise rapidly, and thus a charging point will become a necessity for millions. 

2) If you have an electric vehicle it m akes sense to get a charge point now, while the government grant is still available. 

We can offer a solar carport, designed to your specifications; a solar PV system on your house linked to a charge point on your drive or in your garage; or we can just install the charge point if you prefer.



The WallPod EV is compatible with a wide range of current electric vehicles, including:

• Vauxhall Ampera

• Ford Transit Connect EV

• Mitsubishi iMiEV • Citroen C-Zero

• Peugeot Ion

• Renault Kangoo

• Nissan Leaf

• Tesla Roadster

• Many other vehicles