Trina Smart Modules

We designed a solar PV system using the Trina Smart modules with panel optimisation today. Indivudal panel optimisation is ideal for installations where shading will occur or you are having to place panels on multiple roof surfaces, for example on an an east-west PV system.

This is because the individual panel optimisation allows each panel to be monitored individually, so if one is in shade it doesn’t affect the whole string of panels as it would do on a conventionally stringed system. It also means that the east facing roof, which receives sun in the morning, can generate without being brought down by the panels on the west facing sun which won’t be generating as much in the morning, and vice versa. 

The Trina Smart moduels come with a gateway and module management kit which provides you with free online monitoring of your panels. This also you to see how much each individual panel is generating, and allows you to see which panels are having issues, if there are any problems. You can remotely turn off the system from your smart phone, tablet or laptop! 

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