Our Key Solar Panel Brands

Your solar panels will last for 40 years so it's important you choose the right ones

The choice of panels depends on your budget, the size of your roof, how much shading you get and what size of system you're looking to install. Also whether you want roof mounted panels or integrated panels, tiles or slates. Below are just some of the manufacturers we use. All the panels come with performance warranties. Don't worry we'll help you choose the right ones for you!

Renesola is a leading manufacturer of PV panels. They are manufactured in India to a high standard, and come with an insurance-backed 25 year power performance guarantee.  They provide a great-value system. 

LG produce high-quality monocrystalline panels with aesthetically pleasing black-frames.  Their 250W panels are slightly smaller than other brands, making them a great fit for a small roof. LG also offers a 300W panel, perfect for when you can only fit 13 panels on a roof. 


JA is one of the world's largest producers of solar cells. They produce high-quality panels at a great price.  There are options to have silver frames, black frames or all-black panels. 


Upsolar panels offer uncompromising quality at an affordable price. They are a popular panels for those wishing to get a quick payback with a lower upfront investment cost. They also come with an attractive insurance backed 25 year performance guarantee.


Solar Frontier produce thin-film all-black panels in Japan.  Their panels are high quality with a great visual impact.  

Thin film panels work well where crystalline panels struggle, such as in low light conditions, shaded areas or laid flat. The panels require less energy to manufacture than crystalline panels, and don't contain toxic chemicals, making them the most environmentally friendly choice for solar PV.