Our Key Inverter Brands

Inverters convert dc current generated by the panels to ac current to power your property and enable electricity export

Inverters are a key part of a PV system. They monitor the output of the panels constantly and continually adjust to ensure that the power generated is converted to AC in the most efficient way. A quality inverter matched to your panels will get the most electricity from your panels. 

SMA manufacture the world famous Sunny Boy inverters. Renowned for quality and innovation SMA are a world leader in the field of inverters for renewable electricity systems. SMA’s inverters cater for projects from small domestic systems to large commercial systems, with products in the Tripower range. SMA is well renowned for its quality and reliability and service support. SMA also offers a wide range of battery storage solutions. 


ABB (formerly Power One) are one of the leading manufacturers of inverters.  Their inverters start up at low light levels, ensuring you get the highest possible output from your panels.


Making solar electronics since 1992, specialising in inverters for solar systems, Fronius develop innovative inverter systems, including the IG and IG Plus range.

Energy Jump is an accredited Fronius service partner, licenced to repair Fronius inverters.


Solar Edge produce inverters with Power Optimisers.  Each solar PV panel is monitored individually to ensure maximum output.  Solar Edge is ideal for people who are looking for flexibility in their PV layout, as panels can be placed on as many different roof surfaces as you like.  Solar Edge is also ideal for semi-shaded properties. Solar Edge inverters come with a 12 year warranty, and the power optimisers have a 25 year warranty. 


Zeversolar is owned by SMA, and provide great-value inverters with a 10 year warranty.