Solar Thermal for commercial properties

Where does solar thermal make sense?

Any commercial property which uses a significant amount of hot water will benefit from a solar thermal system.  Solar Thermal can provide free hot water throughout the year, and could provide all your hot water requirements during the summer months.  

The Renewable Heat Incentive is available for commercial properties, paying 10p per kWh of heat generated.  This is on top of the savings you are making on your heating bills.  You can reduce your dependance on expensive fossil fuels. 

The Enchanced Capital Allowance allows you to offset the whole install price of a solar thermal system against your taxable profits.  This could save you 28% of the total install price! Find our more information here and here


Some sectors which are particularly suited for solar thermal systems are: 

Campsites and B&Bs

The seasonal nature of campsites and B&Bs make solar thermal ideal for covering hot water use for showers and baths.  Solar thermal systems can also be used to heat swimming pools.  The size of a solar thermal system can easily be tailored to hot water use, and in most cases can be integrated into an existing heating system.  


Dairy Farms

Dairy farms require a large volume of hot water every day.  Solar thermal can provide 50-70% of hot water needs, even at high temperatures.  During the summer months, it could provide all your hot water for washing down.  

Dairy farms may also want to look at heat exchangers, which can capture heat produced during the milk refridgeration process, using this waste heat to pre-warm water used for cleaning. 



Carehomes have a large hot water need throughout the year, for baths/showers as well as in the kitchen and for cleaning.  Solar thermal can give significant contributions to this water need, of around 50%-70% of annual consumption.