Why we are different

We help you transition to the new energy landscape

We're all heading for a world where cheap energy from oil, fossil fuels and nuclear won't be readily available. We need to make some changes to go on living how we do. Then of course there's the worrying effects of climate change to think about.

What we do

We find ways of helping you make your own energy and using the energy you pay for go further - reducing your impact on the environment. We will find a solution that works for you and your property, and we will never sell something which isn't right for you. 

Our goals

Business founder Rob Samuelson runs a business which focuses its efforts on how to make renewable energy accessible for ordinary people. Rob, a Russian and Business graduate, now a qualified electrician and plumber, thinks that people need help in understanding the huge benefits of renewable energy. 

Our team

Rob has assembled an excellent team of experieced professional tradesmen and skilled system designers. He's also got together a team of advisors, experts who have spent years dedicated to making energy work better. Together they are an impressive force.

We're different

We are dedicated to helping others make the energy jump, particularly those whose need is greatest. We donate our time, knowledge and products to those in need. Those in material or fuel poverty will benefit from projects that use renewable energy as the catalyst for change. So when you've got a smile on your face because your installation is saving you energy and making you money, double that smile because you doing business with us will help someone else too.

Join us and make the energy jump!

Get in contact now to see how we can help, or get a quote for renewable technologies in your property.